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Buy-Sell Agreements are Estate Planning for Your Business!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Small business owners have challenges, right!

Of all the various day-to-day challenges, one remarkable, yet easy to leave for “another day” challenge, is about the long-term future. What should happen for both the business owners and the business, itself, into the future?

Does this type of questioning just make you want to do nothing, if you’re a small business owner? If you answered yes (or not sure what to do), take action! Small business owners know the importance of action, right!

* First, you can grab Paul Hood’s book, Buy-Sell Agreements: The Last Will & Testament for Your Business (Planning Your Future Book 1) and familiarize yourself with some key concepts regarding buy-sell agreements.

* Second, you can reach out to an estate planning attorney and other professionals to take the conversations further into something that means something!

* Third, you can reach out to me anytime. I am an estate planning attorney and would love to help you!

Click the link above to hear a nugget from my conversation with Paul Hood on Buy-Sell Agreements.

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