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Challenge ahead! Be prepared

Challenges may lay ahead for anyone of us with respect to our lives. Being prepared with your estate planning documents is so important.

Living Wills are statements of health care wishes.

Did you know this document can:

* Address end of life decision making

* Address artificial nutrition and hydration wishes

* Provide for funeral/burial arrangements

* Provide for organ donations

* Provide for religious considerations

The Living Will should be attached to a Health Care Proxy which names an agent who will make health care decisions when the principal can no longer make his or her own decisions. A HIPAA Release (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) should be included in the Health Care Proxy so the agent can access medical records and speak with physicians.

The Health Care Proxy/Living Will is one of the three basic documents in an estate plan. Other more complicated documents can be addressed for various needs and desires.

Please call me to get started on these important documents so you are prepared for challenges that may lay ahead.

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