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Estate planning for peace of mind

Most people are in significant denial when it comes to estate planning. But, planning provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones with respect to a broad range of issues.

I want you to consider these possible planning matters:

Who will handle your financial matters in the event of a disability?

Who will make your medical decisions if you are unable to do so?

Does a trust make sense for the management of your assets?

Do you own an interest in a business that must be addressed?

Are you considering Medicaid planning?

Are you in proactive or crisis planning mode for Medicaid?

Do you have minor children?

Do you have a blended family?

Are you concerned about certain family members inheriting assets?

Do you have a financial plan for your future needs?

Do you family arrangements in place to help you “age in place”?

Are there charities you wish to benefit?

For your Will, who should be your Executor?

Do you have a reason to include a trust in your Will?

Are your beneficiary designations in line with your estate plan?

Are your assets titled in such a way that makes sense for your estate plan?

Do you have concerns about burial arrangements?

Are you planning on organ donation?

And, more . . . but, let’s just get started even with some basic documents! Procrastination and denial can sneak up on you at the worst time! Be prepared.

My email is: ruthpgeorge@gmail.com

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