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I work diligently for my clients in matters ranging from lifetime estate planning, guardianship proceedings, estate and trust administration, and real estate transactions.

Lifetime planning involves financial, personal and tax issues. The following basic three estate planning documents should be done:

1. Last Will and Testament

2. Power of Attorney

3. Health Care Proxy/Living Will

Other planning may be done, including:

1. Revocable or irrevocable trust

2. Medicaid asset protection trust

3. Buy-Sell agreements for businesses

4. Transfers of interests

5. Beneficiary designations should always be reviewed

Guardianship proceedings include:

1. Article 17-a proceedings for disabled minors about to turn eighteen years old

2. Article 81 proceedings for adults who need assistance with personal and/or property management decisions

Estate administration involves:

1. Probate, intestate or small estate administration

2. All matters pertaining to opening and eventual closing of the estate with Surrogate's Court

3. Handling all tax matters and other matters

Trust administration involves:

1. Administering the trust according to the trust document

2. Distributing income and principal, as appropriate

3. Handling all accountings and tax matters

4. Eventual termination of the trust with certain documents executed

Real estate transactions involve:

1. Transfers for estate planning purposes

2. Sale and purchase transactions

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