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Righting the wrong: wrongful death lawsuits

When a loved one passes away due to the negligence of someone else, a wrongful death lawsuit may be commenced. This is a tragic situation and one that is most difficult to deal with for those involved.

There are two different attorneys involved in the matter: one is the personal injury attorney and the other is the estate attorney.

The personal injury attorney investigates the matter and pursues it in Supreme Court. The estate attorney opens the estate in Surrogate’s Court to get an estate representative appointed.

When the personal injury lawsuit has been finalized, the estate attorney is then able to close the estate in Surrogate’s Court by working through a certain process for wrongful death cases.

It is a team undertaking between the personal injury attorney, the estate attorney and the estate representative. Those involved in the estate have usually waited a long time to see closure in the matter.

I am able to handle the estate attorney portion of these types of matters. I am sensitive to the tragic nature of the situation as well as the difficulty for those involved in waiting through the entire process before there is closure.

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