Real Estate Transactions


Real estate is a big part of peoples' lives and is interwoven in with other areas of law from estate planning, elder law matters, business succession planning and trust administration.  It's important to handle any real estate transaction, in and of itself, properly, but, I also want to look at the big picture with real estate and how it works into your overall goals.  Often times, individuals may take title to property in a manner that is not fitting for their estate plans or there are more suitable options, such as a trust or Limited Liability Company to hold real estate interests.  This ties in to all I hope to achieve with helping individuals look toward the future and make plans that are best suited to their overall plan.  So, whether it is a sale or purchase transaction or part of a bigger picture, your real estate matter is important and handled with care.    ​

After an initial 15-minute discovery call, the steps to work on real estate transactions include:

1. If this is a sale or purchase and a realtor is involved, the Contract should be emailed to me