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In all the services offered, you will work directly with Ruth.  This means your decisions and legal matters are handled with that one-to-one communication and access.  Working together, you will be able to ask questions and consider both the possibilities and pitfalls so you and your loved ones can achieve better outcomes for now and into the future.

Our estate planning packages are designed to help individuals, business owners, and families proactively plan to reduce any negative impact on themselves and those they love.  It starts with a thorough review of the various matters before preparing essential legal documents (Wills, Power of Attorney documents, Health Care Proxies/Living Wills and others) and considers the people aspects of any issue.  The goal is to address your situation and progress you forward in all your estate planning matters.

Our estate planning package with a lifetime trust is meant for clients who have specific goals and hope to create the most beneficial outcomes for themselves and their loved ones.  Many people are not aware that they are great candidates for a lifetime trust and education on this can clarify your options.

Our probate and estate administration packages help fiduciaries (Executors and Administrators) navigate the legal process to pass assets down and make other arrangements pursuant to the required laws and documents.  It’s important to move forward through the various stages of probate and estate administration with diligence and a team effort to distribute assets and close the estate as efficiently as possible.

Our services in regard to trust administration are for trustees who have a fiduciary duty to see the ongoing administration of the trust.  There may be any number of items to consider.  The trust may be ongoing for some period of time or terminated and closed out, depending on the facts and circumstances.  A trust may have been set up during life or set up through a Will.  Either way, it's important to become educated as soon as possible about what needs to be done so matters do not get out of hand leading to further problems.  Every trust must be handled as uniquely as the situation requires.

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