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Give your loved ones the gift of preparation with an up-to-date estate plan.

When you have a legal roadmap in place, you allow for clarity and a sense of peace at some of the most difficult times during life and at death.  Without this type of pre-planning, you are leaving your legal affairs in potential disarray.  Avoid this heartache: together, we can create your estate plan with a clear and decisive approach. Getting started now is so important!


We also help clients through the probate and estate administration process along with handling trust administration


Real estate transactions, business succession planning and elder law matters are very much a part of these areas of law and are other services provided and handled with care.


Explore the services offered, a blog series that explains some of the jargon in plain English, and take the steps to give you control over handling these important matters. It takes time, effort and care to effectively handle what matters most!  We can do this together.


"We worked with Ruth for our living will and trusts. Ruth was extremely patient and answered all our questions. Ruth was also so accommodating with our schedules. It was a lot easier than I thought, she made us very comfortable. We are so glad we did this."

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